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'Mandy has been performing her miracles again......'


"I have been coached by Mandy for over a year now and started during a challenging time of my life as I was just made redundant  and was trying to find a new purpose and direction in my career. Mandy's coaching had a profound impact on my life and she helped me to rediscover my values and learn more about myself. She has a great balance between listening and a special techniques of making you go deep into your thoughts. She inspired and encouraged me to believe in myself, follow my values see the "unique" in me.


Although, I started working with Mandy in order to work on my career, I can say that her coaching had a major impact on so many other aspects of my life and especially on my relationships with myself.


I love her passion, drive and deep understanding and especially her integrity as a person and professionalism."


Mandy was an excellent life coach and I really enjoyed my time working together. Mandy gave me great exercises to focus my thoughts on future career choices and what direction to go in next. Mandy also really helped me feel more confident, believe in myself and my ability more. I would highly recommend Mandy as a lifecoach she's a wonderful communicator, listener and very supportive.


'I began talking to Mandy at a time when myself and my peers were all approaching retirement age. I seemed to be putting pressure on myself to make some potentially life changing decisions about my home, my work and my finances without having any clear view about what I wanted to do or even when. I was also struggling with the idea of giving up work permanently, potential loss of ‘status’ and having the freedom to be the master of my own destiny.


Mandy was incredibly open, welcoming and easy to talk to. Just through her asking questions, some simple exercises re values and imagining what life could be like I was able to untangle my mind, make some simple choices and feel so much more positive about the future. I admit I was a little sceptical about life-coaching but my experience with Mandy has been invaluable. '


"Mandy was recommended to me by a mutual friend when I was talking to her about wanting to change jobs.  

When my friend mentioned life coaching, I was a bit sceptical as I had never done anything like this and wasn’t sure it was for me – but speaking to Mandy made a massive difference. 

From the very first session, she made me feel at ease. The weekly exercises definitely helped identifying my values and goals and what was important to me. Mandy’s support has been fantastic and has helped me make progress in my life and I cannot thank her enough. "

Aerial View of Clouds


"In the summer of 2021 I was stuck in the void between mourning the losses of the past and the hope of new beginnings.


Mandy is relatable, funny and engaging and I was instantly at ease about opening up to her and putting in the work required.


Through a combination of exercises and dialogue, I came to know myself better and gained the courage to take action and make choices that were more aligned with a newly established value system.


Over the next few months Mandy, with compassion, intelligence and humour provided a space for me to search and find within myself a platform for true positive change.


Both my inner and outer worlds are fundamentally different now and I am so grateful for the care and support I received during that crucial time of change.


Not just a great coach but a top class human being too."


"I went to Mandy with two problems – we couldn’t resolve my son’s schooling situation, and I wanted to get to the point where I could leave work to focus on the business I was building up on my spare days. Six sessions later and we’ve reserved a place at a special school for my son, I have handed my notice in at work and also secured a fantastic new client for my business.

Speaking with Mandy allowed me to analyse some situations, and come to resolutions that I knew were right for me and my family. Having Mandy as a life coach enabled me to fight through all the doubts, worries and conflicting ideas that were fogging up my mind and see things much more clearly. A big thank you to her – without those sessions I would not have taken the steps I did. At the time they felt like massive leaps, but I can see now that they were carefully thought out plans that were created through those supportive and encouraging sessions with her."

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