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Who am I...

I’m a transformative coach, a wife, and a mum to three kids. I enjoy looking at the positives in life, spending time with family and friends, travelling, walking our dog, and meeting new people through my work.

What I did….

After studying International Business at university, I travelled around the world for a year before spending 20 years working in the financial markets sector in London. I had roles in areas as varied as account management, customer services, team management, project management, e-learning development and editorial.

During these 20 years my (now) husband and I left work in our early thirties to take another gap year to travel, we then got married, had 3 children, and relocated 10 years ago to the historic town of Shrewsbury in Shropshire. There have been ups and downs along the way, of course, but we are now very settled.

My journey into coaching…..

My first experience of coaching was a few years ago when my husband was recommended a coach by a friend. As a family we saw a complete turnaround in his whole being and attitude to life, work, finances, and family. He had been particularly stressed and unhappy, not enjoying his job, wondering what else he could do with his life while still supporting us. We all saw him regain his mojo, his confidence, and his ability to enjoy life.

During his coaching he frequently suggested that I have coaching as I was struggling with what to do career-wise and also with my confidence and own identity after having our children…..I embarked on my own coaching journey which was totally life-changing. I still speak to my coach (all coaches have coaches – they know how much it helps). I went through quite a structured career coaching process which was completely transformational, rediscovering my values, my strengths, my dreams for life and my options. It was a challenging but invaluable experience! I loved the process, and it became very clear to me that coaching was a great fit for me and that I would love it as a career – so far so good!

I retrained with Animas to become an accredited coach. The positive impact coaching has had on both myself and those around me has led me to setting up my own practice. I use my training and experience to provide clients with space and time to think – enabling them to make positive changes in all aspects of their lives.

A bit about me....

A little bit more about what I do....

As well as my private one to one work, I volunteer for a charity called Yes Futures, providing coaching for teenagers looking to improve their confidence,  resilience, communication skills and self-awareness. I also do pro bono coaching for More Happi, providing 1-2-1 online workplace coaching. I love watching my clients grow in every session and the variation this type of work gives.


Let’s have a conversation...

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